05. Amazon Bark


Amazon Bark as the name suggests is reminiscent of Amazonian grasses and sisal hemp chords woven to produce this beautiful and elegantly woven fabric. Happily, the fabric is totally Eco-Friendly being produced from third Generation Polyesters. Amazon may be used in any room in the home, including Bathrooms and Conservatories. This sumptuous fabric is now also available as a Vertical Blind Fabric. Due to the nature of the weave, Eyelets and Braids are not available with this fabric.

Composition: 100% Polyester/Polypropylene

Finish: Available with Shape 1 Finish only

Product Guarantee: 12 Months From Date Of Delivery.

Delivery: 5-7 Days

Min.Width - 25.00cm
Max.Width - 194.00cm
Min.Drop - 40.00cm
Max.Drop - 300.00cm

05. Amazon Bark 05. Amazon Bark

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Roller Blinds - Bottom Edge Shape Options.    Note: Blackout Fabrics are only available with Shape 1

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