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Child Safety

All of our blinds adhere to Child Safety Legislation. Concept Blinds Direct also supports the British Blind and Shutter Association’s “Make it Safe” campaign to promote window blind safety in all environments.

Our cord or chain operated blinds are supplied with discrete child safety devices which keep cords and chains secured away and out of reach from little ones.

In accordance with legislation all cords/ chains must hang at least 150cm off of the floor and our blinds are manufactured with that in mind. 

If you have an installation where your window is very high up and you need a longer than usual chain or cord you can add your installation measurement when you order so we do not make the chains too short for you to reach.  The Installation Measurement is the distance from where the top of the blind will be installed down to the floor. We can then make the cords/ chain long enough for you to reach but still 150cm from the floor to ensure they are still child safe.

A number of blind ranges are designed and manufactured in such a way to make them in inherently child safe with no cords or chains present. These blinds are a good solution if your child is an amateur climber, as many toddlers can be! If you are looking for this blind type then shop in the following ranges:

  • Perfect Fit Roller blinds
  • Perfect Fit Aluminium Venetian blinds
  • Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds

The Perfect Fit ranges are only suitable for UPVC framed double glazed windows. If you do not have that type of window there are other options for you to consider such as

  • spring loaded roller blinds
  • wand operated vertical blind with chainless weights

In the future we will also be offering a range of motorised blind which will also be child safe by design.

For older blinds already installed in your home most of them can be made child safe through a new shorter chain and/or a child safety hook /cord cleat to secure dangling cords and chains away. We are happy to send you out child safety hooks/ cord cleats or shorter chains so you can do this, even if we did not originally supply the blinds to you.  Contact us with your requirements and we can see how we can help.

General Safety Tips

  • Where possible beds, high chairs and other furniture should not be positioned near windows. We understand in smaller homes this is not always possible. Where furniture has be close to windows due to space restrictions always opt for an inherently child safe blind such as a perfect fit roller, spring loaded roller or wand controlled vertical with chainless weights.
  • Never tie cords together as this creates potentially dangerous loops.
  • Never glue together breakaway cord connectors. These breakaway connectors are designed to come apart if too much weight is applied to them and this makes them child safe. The connectors can simply be clicked back together if they ever come apart accidentally.
  • Always install the child safety devices as instructed as soon as you install the blind - even if children do not routinely visit the premises.
  • Always wrap any loose, dangling cords around the child safety cord cleats when using your venetian blinds.


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