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How to Measure For A Bay Window

To be able to measure for a bay window you will first need to know the following details of the blind you are planning to install there:

  • blind type
  • blind range
  • and slat width (if applicable)

For example, Real Wood Venetian Blind, Sherwood Range, 50mm slat width.

E-mail our Team with these details letting us know you are measuring for a bay window. We will then be able to supply you with the headrail depth for this specific product. You will need this headrail depth to measure accurately at the points where the blinds will meet at the corners of the bay window.

Please note headrail depth differ from range to range and from slat width to slat width within the same range. If you later change your mind and decide to opt for a different blind type, range and/or slat width you will need to contact us for the new headrail depth and then re-measure using this information.

Although this walkthrough is primarily aimed at angled bay windows, it will work equally well for square bays as well.

Have a read through the instructions below and let us know if you need any additional assistance.

What you will need 

  1. Tape measure (metal ones are best)
  2. Pencil and paper
  3. Heavy weight card
  4. Scissors
  5. Headrail depth of the specific blind you are measuring for



  1. Email us for the headrail depth of the specific product you are planning to install and have this headrail depth written down next to where you are doing your measuring.
  2. Check for any window handle protrusions, which stick out beyond the area to which you will be fixing the blind/brackets. As well as handles you may also have phone points or trickle vents to contend with.
  3. Cut two pieces of cardboard to a useable width (10cm or so). You will want to use these to calculate where the blinds will meet in the corners of your bay window. The depth of the card will be determined by the depth of the headrail PLUS protrusion clearance PLUS any extra clearances i.e. face fix brackets etc.
  4. Place the strips in the left angle first, and bring them together until the front corners of the cardboard meet. Mark a point on the top of the recess where the corners touch and call it ‘‘point A’’ as shown in the Diagram Figure 3 above.
  5. Repeat this step for the right side angle, marking the corner of ‘‘point B’’.
  6. Measure between points "A" and "B" to obtain the width measurement of the centre window blind.
  7. Measure from point "A" outward to the desired width to obtain the width measurement of the left window blind.
  8. Measure from point "B" outward to the desired width to obtain the width measurement of the right window blind.
  9. When jotting down your width measurements, please bear in mind that if two or more of your blinds are very similar in width, a difference of even 1mm can mean that the blind will be supplied with a slightly different look. This can be several things depending on the blind type. On a vertical blind for example, it can mean additional slats. On a wood or faux wood, it can mean additional ladder cords/tapes.
  10. Having jotted down all the blind widths you will need to input a drop. The best idea is to use the same drop all the way round your bay to avoid the following:
    • Castellating slat drops in the case of Verticals
    • Uneven slat alignment in the case of Venetians
    • Irregular fabric drops for all other blind types

Special note for Bracket Selection 

Many of our blind ranges have several different bracket styles and sizes available. If you are worried about face fixing your blinds and gaining the necessary clearance, please email our team for advice.

Child Safety

Due to Child Safety legislation, controls on all blinds must be at least 150cm from the floor so they are securely out of reach of young children. To avoid controls which are too short for you to reach, there is a section when ordering called the Installation Measurement. The installation measurement is the measurement from where the very top of the blind will be installed down to the floor. If you supply the installation measurement when ordering we will make sure your cords/chains are long enough for you to use comfortably but still safely out of the reach of young children. We also recommend you still use the child safety devices we supply to secure the chains under tension or to wrap excess cord around as an extra precaution.   


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